Le Compost (handout) – Jan 26, 2016

Today during our Compost Occupation we worked on personal projects for most of the time, and shared with the group our findings and next steps.

Next time – Thursday January 28 – Sylvia will visit our class and talk about Le Compost en français avec nous.

Be prepared! Highlight the words that *you already know* in the french handout given.

Here it is:

compost francais handout

AND here’s another 2 handouts to be read for FRIDAY:

critters in the compost neighborhood

decomposer field guide




The Nitrogen Cycle – Jan 22, 2016


Our Compost Occupation learned about the Nitrogen Cycle today. We watched two YouTube videos together, pausing them and talking about it and taking notes as we went. Everyone had a good understanding of the concepts by the time we were done, which is good because there’s a quiz on Tuesday, January 26!

Here are the two videos:

Nitrogen Cycle – Video 1

Nitrogen Cycle – Video 2

nitrogen cycle