Lit Seminar

Rising Conflict – Jan 25, 2016

Conflict is the key to any good story; it’s what moves the plot along and proves the premise. Today we talked about different ways conflict is carried through a play; not all of them are effective. I look forward to reading the conflict scenes that are created this week!

Rising Conflict Scene is due Monday, Feb 1, 2016.

Here’s the handout:

rising conflict




Character Sketches – Jan 18, 2016


Today we went around the circle and described the plays that were written as homework this week. Some very interesting plot lines! I can’t wait to read them and discover what premises were used to write them.

This week’s assignment is about character. It’s important when writing a play to provide background info about all the characters in the play. It provides a motivation for why the characters behave the way they do.

So, students will create character profiles in three areas: Physiological, Sociological, and Psychological. They will either use the characters in the play they’ve already written, or create new interesting and exciting characters.

Have them ready for next Monday (January 25) because we will need them for an activity!

Here’s the handout:

character sketches


epic tale characters

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Play with Premise – Jan 11, 2016

Today for Lit Seminar we discussed the reading on Premise. There were varied responses to the reading, but everyone seemed to have a good sense of what a premise is, and that for a play to be a really good one, it should only have one premise and the premise should be clear, even though it isn’t spoken about directly during the play.
Here’s the handout, in case you missed it:
play with premise

On Monday, January 18, bring in the short play (with PREMISE!) that you have written.

Dramatic Writing – Jan 4, 2016

“The moral of the story” – today we read some Aesop’s fables together and tried to figure out what the stories were attempting to teach. This is an introduction to PREMISE, which is the first key to writing good theatre.

The reading for this week is the Chapter called ‘Premise’ in The Art of Dramatic Writing. Be prepared with questions or observations from your reading on Monday, January 11, 2016.