Working on Portfolios – Jan 19, 2016

Today during Math time we reviewed some mental math – adding, subtracting, multiplying, and fraction reducing – and introduced our visiting grade 6 students to ‘Amoeba Math’ at the same time.

Now, the plan is to spend some time upgrading the portfolio sections of our binders to show what has been learned. Make sure you have excellent examples of the following items in your portfolio:

*fractions (add/sub/mult/div)

*order of operations

*venn diagrams






Ratios and Maps – Jan 12, 2016

Today in Math we reviewed/learned the concept of ratio and what it means.
We applied our knowledge of ratios to figure out distances on a variety of maps. This ties in with our Humanities this Quarter: British North America and Nouvelle France.
Here’s a video example of using a ratio to find distances on a map:
Ratios on a Map Example LINK – Khan Academy




Integers Review – Jan 7, 2016

Today we did a super quick review of the multiplication of integers before we played a game using multiplication of integers and finished up with our Distributive Property work.
If you are interested in further explanation of why a negative times a positive gives you a negative number, Khan Academy has a really good explanation:
Multiplying Integers (LINK) – Khan Academy
You could also watch videos of adding and subtracting integers, if you want to review further back:
Why subtracting a negative is the same as adding a positive! (LINK) – Khan Academy
Adding and subtracting negative numbers (LINK) – Khan Academy